Classic Life

Our mission is to create progressive communities that foster lifestyle, connection and a true sense of belonging.

Classic Life is a people and property business committed to designing, building and managing new kinds of lifestyle and retirement environments here in New Zealand.

We strive to build a better life for our residents, one that challenges the concept of retirement and the levels of independence, fulfilment, freedom, adventure, stimulation, and quality, that is simply not available elsewhere. It's a challenge, but one we are up for!
Villas built
Residents' settled in
Years in operation
The Vines at Bethlehem   lowres
Lynmore Rotorua Mark Jos WEB
Linda John Parewaitai
"The Vines is a lifestyle, rather than a retirement village – and that's what drew us in."
The Vines at Bethlehem Resident
"We are having such a good time here that we're are quite looking forward to not working and just being home."
Mark & Jos
Lynmore Rise Residents'
"There is just one thing I'm struggling with - I haven't quite got used to no pruning, trimming and lawn mowing. But, then again, it means more time for fishing and the lakes!"
Parewaitai Village Resident

We think of these as our "Lifestylement" Villages, with our team operating at the intersection of lifestyle and retirement.

Classic Group started out developing, designing and building retirement villages for other operators. We soon came to recognise the opportunity to create something different for retiring kiwis – leading to the inception of Classic Life.

One of our passions is to enable residents to live the life they want, without compromise. From conventional to unconventional and anything in between. Of course, it all depends on the resident, and no two are the same, but life is for living and we want to support that in any way we can.

New Zealanders stepping into this chapter are educated, and their perception of (and plans for) their ‘retirement’ are changing. They’re healthier than previous generations and are eager to maintain their independence, while building strong connections for many years to come. They’re more active, more positive, and want to maintain their health – some of our residents are still employed or run their own businesses!

We want to create desirable and flexible lifestyle choices that cater for any or all of this. We want our villages to foster a way of living that is liberating, connected, safe, fun, and respectful. It’s a new playbook and we are proud to be offering our residents exceptional experiences and a true sense of belonging.

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