We’re building a better life for people, every day.

Our vision

Our vision is to leave a mark of positive change on the world, always remembering who Classic is and why we are here.

Classic Group is an integrated development company providing services across the construction sector, all striving to build a better life for people, every day.

Continuously growing, innovating, and diversifying is what defines Classic Group. Our learnings and experience operating in a cyclic industry - where supply and demand is governed by unpredictable economic, demographic, and social factors - has fostered a strategic and resourceful way of thinking across the Group.

But at the heart of what we do, there is always people and we want everyone we work with - the Classic team, our partners, our suppliers and subcontractors, our investors - to experience something meaningful.
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We put people at the heart of everything we do. They are our motivation to strive beyond today, never losing sight of our purpose to build a better life for people, every day.
Matt Pete

One Team

Matt Pete
We trust and empower each other to make the right decisions, working collaboratively and at pace. We’re all about creating a community where people look after each other.


We are tenacious, challenging the now and doing things differently to create a better future for people. Our culture breeds agility, innovation, continuous improvement to stay ahead of the game.


With a customer mindset, we aim to make a difference by continuously going above and beyond, turning ordinary into extraordinary for our clients and partners.
Graphic Brand Unique Builders

A group of unique builders and problem solvers

Graphic Brand Human Centred Approach

our human centred approach allows us to find solutions to a diverse range of problems

Graphic Brand Better place to live in

making the world a better place to live in.

Our promise
A constant stream of innovative, human solutions that help people prosper and grow.

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