Building resilience in a cyclic industry

The construction and property industry is known for its cycles. The manic boom times that shift into desperately slow times. Classic Group has been through four cycles now, all slightly different and unpredictable in their own way, this one triggered by international financial crisis, a pandemic, and now war.

NZ’s economy was hit by a force that sent one of the country’s largest industries into fight mode, where we had to jump to battle stations and respond and adapt as quickly as possible. But this industry is a big, complex beast and larger construction companies can’t slow down and change direction easily.

Classic Group has certainly advanced its capability to respond over its 26 years in business, but there is still the requirement for our people to problem-solve and firefight, sometimes on a daily basis, and that can take a heavy toll on wellbeing.

Earlier this year we asked the question:

How do we support our people through all of this? How can we give them the skills to manage the rollercoaster ride better?

Building resilience in our people was our answer – the ability to respond to and grow after facing adversity or stress, to bounce back.

We teamed up with the Resilience Institute to develop a programme specifically for our Classic Whānau. It explored practical techniques to cope with adversity, structuring lifestyle to support resilience, developing emotional intelligence, improving focus, and creating the conditions for optimal performance.

It was an opportunity for everyone in the Classic team to add more tools to their kit, to learn and grow as people and live through challenges. From the simple power pose, to walking meetings, showing gratitude, improving sleep patterns, or incorporating meditation – these tools are making a real difference for many of our people.

Here’s what some of the team took from the programme:

“I learned about how to prepare for a good night’s sleep, which required some effort upfront to change existing habits. I now dim the lights closer to bedtime, triggering my body to wind down.”  – Nicki

“The two key takeaways for me were the absolute need for rest, and how multi-tasking is inefficient. I also found it useful to have a measurement of resilience – the personal diagnostic was something I could measure myself against and actually track progress.” – Shaun

“I realised that when under pressure I can have an amygdala’s fight-or-flight response – where I want to act before thinking. Learning how to tame that response through taking deep breaths and refocusing my thoughts has helped me slow down and regain control in those moments – such a valuable skill to have!” – Kat

“I really enjoyed the whole programme. it provided me with valuable resources and tips & tricks that have enhanced my life at work and at home. And because we were all completing the programme together, it was awesome to hear about the skills different people were adopting and the benefits they were experiencing from the pretty small changes they were making in their everyday lives.” – Courtney


The programme included the following:

  • An initial Resilience Diagnostic assessment
  • Resilience Training Videos & Daily Tracker
  • Workshops that explored the Science and Practice of Resilience, including Bounce and Recovery, Lifestyle Mastery, Emotional Intelligence, Performance Mindset and Flow
  • Weekly Practice Tips to embed core skills and build momentum.


Classic exists to Build a better life for people and that begins with our own – our people are our most important asset. He tangata, he tangata, he tangata.

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Building resilience in a cyclic industry
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