Industry Long Service Award for Classic’s Director

At this month's Property Council's Central Property Awards for 2023, the Council took a moment to shine a spotlight on one of our founding Directors, Peter Cooney, acknowledging him with their distinguishable Long Service Award.

It’s pretty mind-blowing to think that 30 years have gone by and there are far too many highlights to mention. In Peter’s words “Wehave been on a rollercoaster ride – when we were on a high, we really flew, and when we began to fall, we fell hard”. But both of Classic’s Directors have worked in strong partnershi


p to forge forward, learning and evolving, and advancing forward in the industry they both love. And this accolade is one worth celebrating in such an unpredictable industry – Congratulations Pete!

To understand a little more about Pete’s journey, here’s what The New Zealand Property Council had to say:


Meet Peter Cooney, a visionary force reshaping New Zealand’s property landscape with an unparalleled blend of commercial

 savvy and relationship-building finesse. For over three decades, Peter’s journey in property development has not only influenced the industry but also helped to redefine the way communities across New Zealand are planned and constructed.

Having played a pivotal role in development, not only in Tauranga but also beyond, Peter’s influence knows no bounds. He began his journey in property development in 1996 when he founded Classic Builders, driven by the belief that every Kiwi deserves the opportunity to own their own home.

His philosophy was clear and unwavering – quality homes, constructed by a team of honest, agile, and daring individuals. Classic Builders quickly emerged as one of the largest residential building companies in New Zealand, spreading its wings from Bay of Plenty to Auckland, Northland, Waikato, Wellington, Canterbury, and Queenstown.

But Peter Cooney’s journey is more than just a tale of expansion; it’s a testament to his dedication to family, health, the success of his business, and the enduring relationships he builds along the way. His ability to foster partnerships and drive transformative change in the housing sector is a hallmark of his career.

Through is demonstrated knack for spotting opportunities, he has identified opportunities and successfully developed over 5000 sections. Through his commercial building company, CBC Construction, he initiated a groundbreaking office building project in the heart of the city, breathing life into an area that had been dormant for nearly two decades. This example being one of hundreds that Peter has initiated. His philosophy in business is to always leave something on the table – a testament to his commercial acumen and foresight.

Peter’s journey is an inspiring story of passion, innovation, and the pursuit of a brighter future for housing in New Zealand. His ability to navigate the commercial landscape and build lasting relationships serves as a model for those aspiring to shape their world. Peter says, “There’s a lot of people smarter than me out there, so go and employ them”.

Peter’s journey has seen him actively engage in lobbying efforts to bring about positive changes that benefit not only his enterprises but the entire property industry. He stands as a strong voice, constructively challenging the status quo and pushing for reforms that lead to a brighter, more equitable future.

Peter Cooney is a visionary who recognises that the success of his companies and the health of the entire property sector are deeply interconnected. His mission is to ensure that the industry evolves to better serve the needs of communities and homeowners.

With his powerful voice and unwavering commitment to constructive change, Peter Cooney has become a catalyst for transformation within the property development field. His legacy extends far beyond the buildings he constructs, as he continues to champion a brighter, more promising future for all stakeholders in the property industry.

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Industry Long Service Award for Classic’s Director
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