The Penske Project, delivered by Classic Group, is an outstanding example of internal collaboration and diversified skillsets delivering a state-of-the-art project.

In their search to secure a long-term bespoke trucking facility in Tauranga, global trucking company ‘Penske’ embarked on a competitive commercial process. The selection criteria emphasised favourable commercial terms, an optimal location, and the capability to meet a tight timeline - an opportunity perfectly suited for the Classic Group team. With Classic's unique ‘one-stop-shop’ and integrated business structure, more favorable terms were able to be achieved compared to other presented offers. By having ownership of the land and offering experienced development and construction capability with a long-term develop-and-hold approach, the deal incorporated layers of flexibility and transparency not typical to standard developer transactions.

Leveraging on their comprehensive service advantage, Classic Group utilised three of its autonomous businesses to bring the complete project team together:
- Classic Developments: Responsible for land development, lease contract structuring, and project management;
- CBC Construction: Responsible for construction delivery;
- Classic Collectives: Responsible for delivering the commercial property management services.

The team’s diverse offering eliminates common barriers and complexities encountered in commercial projects, where developers, builders, and property managers often work in silos, leading to reduced efficiency and an increase in cost.

At the heart of the team's achievement lies a collaborative and inclusive management approach that was applied cohesively across the three businesses, guided by Classic Group's core values of ‘care, one team, excellence, and daring’.

Classic Developments Commercial Project Manager, Damian Pootjes, lead the project from the outset. With a boots-on-the-ground approach, he brought the tenant and CBC Construction together for regular on-site meetings to ensure alignment and agreement throughout the project’s build – and that everyone was tracking towards the overarching goals.

Classic Developments worked with Architect ‘First Principles’ to design a building that meets Penske’s global standards and optimises the site’s layout for sustainability and efficiency. The project team reviewed and improved the design outcomes to enhance traffic access and movement, reducing vehicle idling times, and limiting potential bottlenecks within and around the building.

One of the sustainable features of the building is daylight harvesting, a lighting strategy that uses natural light from windows or skylights to lower the energy consumption of artificial lighting. This is particularly suitable for large buildings that have a lot of daylight exposure, such as trucking buildings. Daylight harvesting systems use sensors, controllers, and dimmers or switches to adjust the electric lighting based on the daylight level in the space.

In line with Penske’s desire to end up with a “purpose-built infrastructure to deliver exceptional customer service now and into the future”, the facility has many considered and impressive features that support future operational efficiency, growth, and staff wellbeing.

The site covers an area of 14,381 m² and includes a transport engineering workshop, a drive-through wash bay, eleven truck bays that are 30 meters long, and advanced inspection bays. A notable feature of the facility is the adjustable vehicle hoists, which enable workers to change the height and position according to their needs, enhancing ergonomics and staff productivity.

Classic Group’s management of the project’s commercial terms and contract structure, from land acquisition through to the long-term tenant agreement and lease income, puts the project in a position to hold a strong return on investment. With a clear focus on achieving mutual success, every team member was aligned with a common purpose. This unity of purpose not only fostered an atmosphere of collaboration but also directed everyone's efforts towards a collective vision.

It’s been an incredible journey bringing this project to life, and we’re immensely proud of the collaboration and dedication that made it all possible. A big shoutout to our partners at Penske for entrusting us with this opportunity.
Location Tauriko Business Estate, Bay of Plenty
Year Completed 2023
  • 3,825 m2 building, 10,956 m2 concrete yard
  • Full-length service pit
  • Two recessed knuckle lifts.

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